BT Bring Superfast Broadband to 41 Market Towns

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BT Total Broadband has announced exciting new plans to expand their fibre optic network to now include an extra 41 market towns across the UK. The new infrastructure will reach up to 300,000 businesses with top speeds of 40Mbps, and is part of BT’s commitment to deliver faster broadband to rural Britain as well as major cities.

This expansion is all part of BT’s £2.5 billion investment to bring superfast broadband to over half the country by Spring 2012. BT Openreach is also planning to hold talks with other local councils in an effort to help extend the new coverage to the outskirts of the country where broadband is not available.

Chief executive for BT Openreach, Steve Robertson, said –

In many cases, this will require a collective effort. An infrastructure project on this scale – arguably as important to the future of the UK as the road or rail networks – can only be done in partnership. We’re keen to talk to public and private sector organisations about how this can be achieved.

This multi billion punned investment is the largest fibre-based broadband project ever undertaken in the UK, and is currently one of the biggest civil engineering projects running in Europe. This new fibre network will also be made available to other internet service providers, so looks like the whole countries broadband speeds are going to be on the increase.

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