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BT’s new Home Hub which is the company’s new smaller, smarter and greener wireless broadband router has been given a five star rating from the Telegraph after offering “a level of pro-active reliability other routers can’t match”.

Many consumers will have found their wireless connectivity dropping as a result of interference from other wireless household items such as cameras and video transmitters.

The BT Home Hub 3, offered by BT Total Broadband will be available from 28th February 2011, features Smart Wireless technology, which automatically connects to devices using the wireless channel with least interference.

“Where other products fail to spot video senders in the first place, they can’t do anything to change frequency so the broadband wi-fi connection slows annoyingly. Worse, it can completely fail unexpectedly – and often inexplicably, which doesn’t help when you’re on the phone to a key customer.

Uniquely, the Home Hub 3 can dynamically change frequency so that even when there are products competing for its frequency, it can respond automatically to restore service after just a couple of minutes.”

In performance tests against other routers provided by other ISP’s, the BT Home Hub 3 was the only router that was able to maintain a wireless connection against a backdrop of interference that was likely to be present in many homes.

The router is also more energy efficient that its previous incarnation, using a third less power and 25 per cent less plastic. The BT Home Hub 3 automatically saves power by reducing supply to the Ethernet and USB ports or Wi-Fi connection when they are not being used, and automatically restoring full supply when activity is detected.

The new Home Hub 3 Hub is free for all new customers taking BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity. Existing customers can also get the new Hub without contract for £46 (half retail price).

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