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You will have no doubt seen broadband providers advertising all manner of different broadband packages with unlimited downloads being used as one of their main selling points. Download music, movies and large photos ’til your heart’s content the advertisements say – but what’s that in small print at the bottom of the ad?

Subject to acceptable use policy – most unlimited broadband providers do not in fact offer unlimited downloads to everyone. This is actually done to protect customers against rogue users who download more than their fair share which in turn will have negative repercussions for other users as the bandwidth available becomes limited.

Also the amount you can download is obviously going to be affected by how fast your connection is. Ever noticed how your connection speed seems to slow down at peak times? That’s because broadband companies throttle your download speeds when the most users are on so your average speed during quiet times may be as good as 5 or 6Mb during off peak hours but you could see that drop to 2Mb’s just when you need it most. Gamers will note the horrible occurrence of “lag” when playing online – that my friend is throttling from the ISP!

What can you do about your downloads?

ADSL broadband is the most common form of internet connection. This is where you plug your phone into the modem or router which in turn plugs into your computer (either wired or wirelessly) and you can access all the pleasures of the internet with the minimum of fuss. However if you run a broadband speed check you’ll find that very rarely if ever will you hit the golden top end speeds that your company promises that you can reach.

The reason? Well there are a couple. When a company says you can reach up to 8Mbps or up to 24Mbps they are saying these are the top figures you can reach if your are situated in an ideal geographical location e.g. slap bang next to the phone exchange with fantastic cabling. This is the case for maybe a few thousand lucky people but realistically that isn’t going to happen for most of us. We can still benefit from speeds that are more than sufficient but what happens if you have a real need for speed?

Cable Broadband – A Faster Broadband Solution

If you choose to get your broadband from a cable provider you can get fantastic speeds such as 50MB broadband with Virgin Media. Unlike ADSL you will actually get speeds pretty close to the top value as the data travels digitally through Fibre Optic cables so you are less likely to suffer from the degradation of the signal.

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