Free £50 Sainsbury’s Voucher with BT Broadband

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Big news coming out of BT Total broadband, who for a limited time will be offering a free £50 Sainsbury’s voucher with their broadband bundle packages. This red hot deal is even better if you choose to take the broadband and anytime calls package, which features –

  • FOUR months free!
  • £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card
  • Free connection
  • Up to 20Mb download speeds
  • 10GB usage

all for just £16 a month plus £10 phone line rental! You can even bump up your multi media package and add a TV subscription for only £4 a month. So what are you waiting for? If you’re in the market for a new broadband service, this little beauty comes with a great selection of free offers and gifts that should have you laughing all the way to the bank.

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3.5 Million BT Wi-Fi Hotspot Available

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BT broadband has announced that they now have an amazing 3.5 million Wi-Fi hotspot across the UK and Ireland, giving you even more freedom away from your home hub. This allows BT Total Broadband customers free and unlimited access to the one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the world, with a whopping 380,000 hotspots in London alone.

This is great news for BT broadband’s six million home customers, who will now be able to enjoy free internet away from their homes at such well known places as –

  • Hilton
  • Thistle
  • Ramada Jarvis
  • Starbucks
  • Welcome Break
  • RoadChef
  • American Airlines
  • Network Rail stations

BT has also launched a new BT FON app giving easier hotspot login from a Blackberry. This great new new app follows in the footsteps of apps for Apple and Android users. Below is a video to show you how simple it is to use the new app –

Managing director, John Petter, said –

Millions of BT broadband customers are enjoying free access to the one of the biggest Wi-Fi networks in the world. Our free apps for the Apple, Android and now Blackberry devices make getting online even easier and have already proved a huge hit with over 900,000 downloads.

If all this is not a good enough reason to join BT Total broadband, I don’t know what is!

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BT Total Broadband Helps BT Deliver Strong Performance

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After BT Total Broadband routed rivals in the broadband market during the final quarter, parent company BT posted a 71 per cent rise in full year pre tax profits of £1.7 billion for the financial year ending March 31st, having earned a whopping £495 million during the last three months.

Revenue however declined by four per cent during the financial year, with a six per cent decline quarter on quarter which the company says was in line with expectations.

“We have delivered profits and free cash flow ahead of expectations for the year, while making significant investment in the business for the future. Free cash flow has nearly trebled compared with two years ago,” said BT chief executive (CEO) Ian Livingston.

“We expect to continue to grow our profits and free cash flow whilst investing to return BT to growth. These results show we are making progress, but we are well aware there remains a lot more to do.”

Despite the robust profit numbers the telecoms major increased its call charges by nine per cent and increased its monthly rental fee by 30 pence, a move which some say might upset many of the company’s customers.

BT’s performance in the broadband market was impressive to say the least. 64 per cent of the 252,000 broadband customers added to its network during the final quarter went to BT as opposed to rivals.

Contrastingly rival Virgin Media Broadband added 151,000 new connections to its network, a figure which suggests that for every new Virgin customer, BT adds seven.

The Openreach and Wholesale divisions added 1.1 million new broadband connections over the year, which other ISPs like Sky Broadband and TalkTalk Broadband can rent to provide services to customers.

BT’s Infinity customer base currently stands at 144,000 with the service receiving an average of 5000 orders a week, twice that of Virgin during the last three months, with Virgin adding 32,000 customers to its 50 Mbps service.

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Leading UK ISP’s To Reveal Network Management Policy To Customers

A number of UK internet service providers will reveal to customers details of their traffic management policy and how they restrict broadband internet speeds.

The ISP’s include Sky Broadband, BT Total Broadband and Virgin Media Broadband, all of whom have agreed to abide by a new code of conduct drafted by the Broadband Stakeholders Group. The idea behind the policy is to show customers why speed restrictions must be placed to ensure network stability during periods when the network is busy.

The ISP’s argue that they must slow down internet speeds during periods when the network is extremely busy, since it enables them to maintain a strong network that does not degrade during periods of high traffic.

The policy has been criticized by some who worry that it will result in a two tiered internet, one where ISP’s charge specific websites for prioritizing their traffic.

Antony Walker, BSG chief executive believes that the new code is important for transparency and that whatever policy of traffic management is designed going forward, it is important that customers are aware of it.

“There has been more heat than light in the debate about traffic management over recent years,” he said. “This commitment to provide clear and comparable information in a common format is very important.”

Walker added: “It will not only help to ensure consumers are better informed about the services they buy and use, but will also provide a clearer picture for policy makers of the way in which traffic management is actually used in the UK market.”

Other companies backing the code include O2 Broadband, TalkTalk Broadband, 3 Mobile Broadband and Vodafone Mobile Broadband. All the signatories together account for 90 per cent of fixed line customers and 60 per cent of mobile customers across the UK.

“Consumers need to be able to make informed choices about the services they buy and policy makers need to be able to make informed decisions about the policy and regulatory framework they set,” Walker added.

“This new commitment provides an essential building block for getting both of these things right.”

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BT Home Hub 3 Simply Unbeatable

February 27, 2011 · Filed Under Broadband, BT Total Broadband · Comment 

BT’s new Home Hub which is the company’s new smaller, smarter and greener wireless broadband router has been given a five star rating from the Telegraph after offering “a level of pro-active reliability other routers can’t match”.

Many consumers will have found their wireless connectivity dropping as a result of interference from other wireless household items such as cameras and video transmitters.

The BT Home Hub 3, offered by BT Total Broadband will be available from 28th February 2011, features Smart Wireless technology, which automatically connects to devices using the wireless channel with least interference.

“Where other products fail to spot video senders in the first place, they can’t do anything to change frequency so the broadband wi-fi connection slows annoyingly. Worse, it can completely fail unexpectedly – and often inexplicably, which doesn’t help when you’re on the phone to a key customer.

Uniquely, the Home Hub 3 can dynamically change frequency so that even when there are products competing for its frequency, it can respond automatically to restore service after just a couple of minutes.”

In performance tests against other routers provided by other ISP’s, the BT Home Hub 3 was the only router that was able to maintain a wireless connection against a backdrop of interference that was likely to be present in many homes.

The router is also more energy efficient that its previous incarnation, using a third less power and 25 per cent less plastic. The BT Home Hub 3 automatically saves power by reducing supply to the Ethernet and USB ports or Wi-Fi connection when they are not being used, and automatically restoring full supply when activity is detected.

The new Home Hub 3 Hub is free for all new customers taking BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity. Existing customers can also get the new Hub without contract for £46 (half retail price).

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High Speed BT Broadband Continues across the country

February 8, 2011 · Filed Under Broadband, BT Total Broadband · Comment 

BT Total Broadband are speeding their latest super fast connection across the country at a resounding rate, with 4 extra towns due for the service in early 2012. BT have been running a competition for communities to vote for the new locations to win the ‘Race for Infinity’, with the latest successful applicants being –

  • Burley in Yorkshire
  • Capel in Surrey
  • Lindfield in West Sussex
  • Marton in Warwickshire

These 4 towns were chosen in response to customer demand after the initial six winners were chosen in January 2011. BT’s idea of supplying 40Mbps to rural locations comes in direct competition with Virgin Media broadband‘s 50Mps. Richard Branson’s company offer these speeds to more than 12 million homes across the country, with plans to trial speeds of up to 200Mbps in some areas in the not too distant future. Looks like the battle for rural areas of the UK has just begun!

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BT Triple Bundle Pack for Just £18 a Month – Offer ends 31-03-11

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BT Total Broadband have a great winter warmer offer for those of you who are on the lookout for a new all in one family entertainment package. Available until Thursday 31st March 2011, this awesome TV, broadband and phone deal costs just £18 a month and features –

  • Free connection
  • 70 Freeview Channels
  • Wireless BT Hub (worth £91.90)
  • 40GB download usage
  • 20MB speed
  • Unlimited WiFi
  • 5GB online storage
  • Free 24/7 support
  • Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines
  • Mid week evening calls 1p a minute
  • Mid week daytime calls 7p a minute

That’s right, you entire home entertainment needs for just £18 a month when taken with a BT phone line on an 18 month contract. This excellent all in one bundle deal is only available until Thursday 31st March 2011, so if you are looking to cut down on your overall monthly entertainment bill, why not try this out for size and start making savings today.

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BT Bring Superfast Broadband to 41 Market Towns

January 14, 2011 · Filed Under Broadband, BT Total Broadband · Comment 

BT Total Broadband has announced exciting new plans to expand their fibre optic network to now include an extra 41 market towns across the UK. The new infrastructure will reach up to 300,000 businesses with top speeds of 40Mbps, and is part of BT’s commitment to deliver faster broadband to rural Britain as well as major cities.

This expansion is all part of BT’s £2.5 billion investment to bring superfast broadband to over half the country by Spring 2012. BT Openreach is also planning to hold talks with other local councils in an effort to help extend the new coverage to the outskirts of the country where broadband is not available.

Chief executive for BT Openreach, Steve Robertson, said –

In many cases, this will require a collective effort. An infrastructure project on this scale – arguably as important to the future of the UK as the road or rail networks – can only be done in partnership. We’re keen to talk to public and private sector organisations about how this can be achieved.

This multi billion punned investment is the largest fibre-based broadband project ever undertaken in the UK, and is currently one of the biggest civil engineering projects running in Europe. This new fibre network will also be made available to other internet service providers, so looks like the whole countries broadband speeds are going to be on the increase.

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National Fibre Optic Could Cost the Government £15 Billion

April 23, 2010 · Filed Under Broadband, BT Total Broadband, Virgin Media · Comment 

The ex-head of research at BT Total broadband, Peter Cochrane, claims that the UK will need funding of up to £15 billion to create their planned nationwide fibre optic broadband roll out to all homes and businesses. Futurologist Mr. Cochrane, who ran BT’s research department for 7 years, claims that the estimated expected cost of £5 billion could and maybe will cost three times that amount, depending on the type of technology used and its deployment.

With the current uncertainty of the national election that’s engulfing the country, all 3 major parties have very different national broadband plans that could come into action depending on who wins. One thing is certain though, that whoever does make it into Government will have to pledge a lot more from their budgets to increase the UK’s national fibre optic network to the size that has been promised.

The private industry sector is already getting involved with BT Total broadband investing £1.5 billion for the improvements, whilst Virgin Media broadband will continue their superfast broadband trials throughout the UK. If the figure does reach an astounding £15 billion, the UK could be left lagging behind the rest of the world in broadband capability unless the funding and correct infrastructure are put into place.

Peter Cochrane said –

In the mind of the Government, the UK is at the forefront of the broadband revolution. Unfortunately, we are not even in the top 10. Our ranking is actually somewhere between 20th and 30th. So the clock is ticking. The UK has to grasp the nettle, stop all debate, and get on with the job.

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3 Months Free With BT Total Broadband – Offer Ends 11-12-09

November 6, 2009 · Filed Under Broadband, BT Total Broadband · Comment 

BT Total Broadband is currently offering 3 months free connection and free unlimited weekend calls to all new customers who order online before midnight on Friday 11th December 2009. This free offer is available on 2 BT tariffs, with a £25 a month discount for the first 3 months on their top package –

Get Connected Package

  • Free for 3 months (£15.65 after)
  • Unlimited UK Weekend calls
  • Up to 20Mb Broadband
  • Up to 10GB usage
  • 250 WiFi Broadband minutes per month
  • Free 24/7 Support

Home & Away Package

  • Free for 3 months (£24.46 after)
  • Unlimited UK Weekend calls
  • Up to 20Mb Broadband
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free Dongle with 1GB Free Usage
  • Free 24/7 Support
  • Free Wireless Home Hub

Unlimited Package

  • £4.95 for 3 Months (£29.41 after)
  • Unlimited UK Calls
  • Up to 20Mb Broadband
  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited WiFi broadband minutes
  • Free 24/7 Support
  • Free Wireless Home Hub

All of these great deals are available on an 18 month contract when taking a BT phone line for £11.25 a month. So if you’re in the mood for sorting yourself out a littel pre Christmas present, these offers from BT Total broadband could be the perfect thing to warm your winter cockles!

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