Free Laptop With The Carphone Warehouse

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The Carphone Warehouse free Webbook with Orange Broadband has got to be one of the best deals around at the moment  When you sign up for a £25 a month contract you will receive the Elonox Webbook, which is worth £263.99, absolutely gratis!

The light and portable Webbook weighs in at only 1.3 kg, and has a 10.2″ widescreen running the Windows XP operating system. The Webbook is perfect for surfing the internet and accessing your emails through the Internet Explorer 6 web browser and Outlook Express, not to mention MSN Messenger.

The Webbook available through Orange Broadband also features –

  • VIA C7-M processor
  • 80GB Hard drive
  • 512MB Memory
  • 1 year warranty
  • Worth £263.99
  • IT’S FREE!!

This great little computer is perfect for someone on the move who likes to keep in touch with friends and relatives 24/7, so if you’re thinking of ordering mobile broadband, why not receive a free laptop to use it on?


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iPhone Launch Day

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Well today’s the day the Apple iPhone has gone on sale in the UK, as well as in 22 other countries around the world.  Around 100 people were queuing at the Regent Street Apple store, whilst round the corner, Carphone Warehouse saw almost the same amount of people queuing from as early as 7am.


But what should have been a nice easy day at the office turned into chaos as O2’s in-house system crashed, leaving stores having to process iPhone 3G customers manually. Sources claim software problems linking the Macs in the Apple store to the Windows-based O2 system caused long delays, some customers having to wait up to 4 hours!

One disgruntled customer said –

‘I woke up at 6am and was in queue by 7am, when O2 confirmed the system crash at 9am. I’m now at home waiting for a call from O2 to say when it will be back up and running. And no, I wasn’t allowed to take an iPhone home with me. At least I have it reserved. My local store only had 24 units’

This is the second major setback for O2 in the last week, with their online ordering service also crashing on Monday through weight of demand. Those lucky few who manage to get through and order online will have been looking out of the window this morning waiting for their courier.

The 3G iPhone is not the only new Apple launch today, as existing iPhone owners will no doubt be checking out the release of the new firmware software, iPhone 2.0, that has gone live today with over 500 applications for the touch screen mobile.

Looks like the iPhone mania that’s washing over the world has even managed to infect the companies computers. I was planning to purchase an iPhone myself, but I think I may sit back and watch the show first!

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Apple iPhone Pre Order Mayhem

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Orders for the latest 3G iPhone have gone through the roof, but if you want one this Friday then you’re going to have to head down to an O2 store, also the Carphone Warehouse offers Apple iPhones.

O2’s online iPhone website received so many enquiries when it was launched yesterday that the server crashed due to the volume of people trying to pre order. Not only did all the 8GB models sell out online, but also all of the 16GB version.

O2 insists it will still be able to meet the demand this Friday, having split its phone stock evenly between its stores and web shop. Those who failed online and are still eager to buy are recommended to get down to their nearest O2 or Carphone Warehouse store from 8am, though there may well be queues.

I myself received a text message yesterday morning from O2 having left my details online about my interest in the iPhone, but decided to hold back and see what happened. It looks like I could be in for a bit of a wait before I get my hands on one!

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Carphone Warehouse Launch FREE Orange PAYG Sim Card with FREE Bluetooth Headset

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For those of you looking for a new PAYG Mobile Deal, Carphone Warehouse have a great FREE offer from Orange Mobile. When you buy an Orange pay as you go simcard (FREE + £10 airtime topup) you will also get a free bluetooth headset worth £19.99.

When you add the SIM Card to your online shopping basket you will see a cost of £10.00 which is the airtime you are purchasing.  The FREE blue tooth headset may not show in the basket but you will definitely receive it.

Orange is a great mobile phone company to go with as they offer unique benefits to their users such as :

  • brand new animal tariffs that save you money
  • 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday
  • priority access to gig tickets all over the UK with gigs and tours from Orange
  • the ability to keep your existing number

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>> Click here to buy an Orange Pay as You Go simcard (FREE + £10 airtime topup) you will also get a FREE bluetooth headset worth £19.99.

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Mobile Phones Free Gift Offer

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With mobile phone prices and tariffs changing all the time, it seems most telecommunication companies are breaking their necks to offer customers the ‘deal of a lifetime’. It only seems like yesterday that bills were very expensive for high use callers, but now with the amount of free minutes and texts available, even the most frequent users can minimise their costs.

I seem to remember when one2one (now T-Mobile) first issued their mobile contracts and allowed almost free text messages ith every unit. Little did they realise at the time the shift in consumer trends the market would have one day. These original contracts have been known to be change hands between punters for 4 figure sums, after one2one realised their error at the time and put texts up to 25p!

With such high competition for customers in the market today, it seems that just offering the latest phone with free minute and texts just isn’t enough of an incentive for some people. That’s why a number of companies are offering mobile phone deals with free gifts including games consoles and software into the deal as a softener; it’s certainly got a few people’s attention.

Companies such as Dial A Phone offer a plethora of amazing gadgets that come for FREE when choosing your phone and tariff. You can choose from iPods, Nintendo Wii’s, Sony PSPs, televisions, or blue ray disc players. Having recently signed an 18 month mobile contract myself, I must admit I wouldn’t have minded a free Wii in with my package! The amazing thing is, the Dial A Phone tariffs are exactly the same as all the major phone companies. So even though your receiving a free gift, you don’t lose out on minutes or texts.

The latest high street company to catch onto this deal sealing initiative are Carphone Warehouse. Not to be outdone by Dial A Phone, the Carphone Warehouse are offering not only free Nintendo Wii’s and £100 off the Apple iPhone, but also a FREE laptop when you sign up for certain broadband packages.

Times have certainly changed since I was walking around with my first Motorola brick, paying 50p a minute for one bar of signal. In fact times have changed so much that I’ve become one of those ‘when I was a lad’ type of characters. Maybe I’m just bitter because I didn’t get a free Spectrum ZX81 with my first phone…

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> > click here to view Carphone Warehouse’s latest free gift offers 

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3G Broadband and a Laptop for Just £35 a Month from Carphone and 3

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Looking for a new broadband package and fancy getting a FREE Windows Vista laptop thrown into the bargain and all for just £35 a month? Well the Carphone Warehouse and 3 have got a package just for you! The new mobile data package offers users a complete communication solution with a laptop, 3G modem and data plan for a single monthly fee. To get the package you need to sign up for an 18 month contract and you will get 3GB of bundled data a month (worth £15 on it’s own) plus 200 text messages a month and a USB HSDPA modem and a great looking Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop – all for a small monthly fee. The laptop is of a decent spec for home users with Wi-Fi, 1GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive and running Windows Vista Home Basic.

This follows hot on the heals of other successful Carphone Warehouse campaigns such as FREE laptops of PS3’s with AOL Broadband and helps to differentiate their broadband provision in what is an already crowded market. We are used to getting FREE mobile phones as part of our phone contracts, and now it looks like FREE computers could be the future for our broadband services,

As far as the inclusivebroadband goes, 3’s 3G broadband service has been receiving rave reviews as it boasts upwards of 98 per cent UK coverage and growing, it is the cheapest 3G broadband service currently available in the UK.

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Apple iPhone Launches on o2 this Friday 9th November

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It’s been a busy couple of months for O2 recently. Hot on the heels of the successful launch of O2 Broadband sees the long awaited launch of the Apple iPhone which hits the stores this Friday 9th November, there is however one catch – you need to either be an O2 customer or willing to switch to them to benefit from this excellent device. The iPhone has sold at astonishing levels in the states and the UK looks set to follow as you will finally be able to make phone calls, store your itunes collection whilst also surfing the internet on a decent sized screen!

The iPhone is available directly from :

A full review will follow once the product has been launched but in the meantime take a look at this iPhone review from the Guardian

Apple iPhone Tariffs

Monthly Subscription £35 £45 £55
Inclusive Minutes 200 600 1200
Inclusive SMS 200 500 500
Unlimited Data* yes yes yes
7500 WI-FI Hotspots** yes yes yes
Visual Voicemail yes yes yes
Roaming special roaming rates with ITS special roaming rates with ITS special roaming rates with ITS

* Fair usage policy applies. ** Unlimited access to any of The Cloud’s 7,500 hot spots. Subject to fair usage policy

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o2 Confirm Deal for the iPhone – Launch Set for 9th November

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As predicted previously in this blog O2 have beaten off stiff competition from other mobile phone providers such as Vodafone to sign a deal for exclusive distribution rights for the Apple iPhone within the UK. According to an article written in the Guardian O2 won the bidding war by reputedly signing a deal which would give up to 40% of the revenues it makes back to Apple!  Although O2 have sole rights to the distribution they will also be using Carphone Warehouse outlets to sell the device on O2 contracts to gain maximum exposure for the must have gadget for 2007 – in fact Apple have already shipped it’s first 1 million units with a target of 10 million by the end of 2008 as the product is rolled our worldwide.

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FREE Dell Laptop When You Sign up to AOL with the Carphone Warehouse

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Following on from Orange and PC World combining to offer a FREE laptop worth £300 when you sign up for Orange Broadband on a 12 month contract the Carphone Warehouse have got in on the act too! When you sign up for AOL Platinum 8MB Broadband at £19.99 a month with the Carphone Warehouse you can claim a Dell Inspiron Laptop and FREE wireless router – a combined package worth over £500!

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