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With mobile phone prices and tariffs changing all the time, it seems most telecommunication companies are breaking their necks to offer customers the ‘deal of a lifetime’. It only seems like yesterday that bills were very expensive for high use callers, but now with the amount of free minutes and texts available, even the most frequent users can minimise their costs.

I seem to remember when one2one (now T-Mobile) first issued their mobile contracts and allowed almost free text messages ith every unit. Little did they realise at the time the shift in consumer trends the market would have one day. These original contracts have been known to be change hands between punters for 4 figure sums, after one2one realised their error at the time and put texts up to 25p!

With such high competition for customers in the market today, it seems that just offering the latest phone with free minute and texts just isn’t enough of an incentive for some people. That’s why a number of companies are offering mobile phone deals with free gifts including games consoles and software into the deal as a softener; it’s certainly got a few people’s attention.

Companies such as Dial A Phone offer a plethora of amazing gadgets that come for FREE when choosing your phone and tariff. You can choose from iPods, Nintendo Wii’s, Sony PSPs, televisions, or blue ray disc players. Having recently signed an 18 month mobile contract myself, I must admit I wouldn’t have minded a free Wii in with my package! The amazing thing is, the Dial A Phone tariffs are exactly the same as all the major phone companies. So even though your receiving a free gift, you don’t lose out on minutes or texts.

The latest high street company to catch onto this deal sealing initiative are Carphone Warehouse. Not to be outdone by Dial A Phone, the Carphone Warehouse are offering not only free Nintendo Wii’s and £100 off the Apple iPhone, but also a FREE laptop when you sign up for certain broadband packages.

Times have certainly changed since I was walking around with my first Motorola brick, paying 50p a minute for one bar of signal. In fact times have changed so much that I’ve become one of those ‘when I was a lad’ type of characters. Maybe I’m just bitter because I didn’t get a free Spectrum ZX81 with my first phone…

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