Virgin Media Beat the Credit Crunch Deal

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Virgin Media’s Lightening Credit Crunch Deal has proven to be very popular this month, and with just under 2 weeks left you still have time to pick up an absolute bargain!

The fantastic credit crunch deal allows up to 10MB of superfast broadband, over 100 TV channels including on demand, BBC iPlayer and Catch-Up TV services, plus unlimited weekend calls for just £24 a month!

And that’s not all, customers can save £105 over the contract by getting 2 months free this year and 1 month free next year!

There’s never been a better time to sign up for a Virgin Media bundle package, so why not beat the credit crunch and sign up for this fantastic offer today?

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Students Say goodbye to Pay as You Go – Get StepUp with dot mobile for £12.50 a month

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dot mobile recently came to our attention as they offer mobile phone services directly to students. If you are a student – whether you’re on pay as you go deal or a contract,  you can join the student mobile network and get a great deal that will save you valuable cash to spend on Snakey B’s in the Union. dot mobile are interesting because not only are they giving students a better deal, their mobile service allows you decide how you split your bundle between calls and texts as you go along, as well as where you set your spending alerts, when you take any half price line rental.

If you take a look at their special offers below they probably seem a bit too good to be true and you may expect poor network coverage or something – but that is not the case at all. dot mobile runs on the Vodafone network, so you get great call quality and most importanly UK-wide coverage – particularly useful if you are at University in the back of beyond. I wish they had student only mobile phone offers (or even mobile phones!) in my day at Uni so I wouldn’t have had to spend so long queing for the payphone (that smelt a bit odd) with my collection of 10p’s!

dot mobile Limited Student Deals

StepUp with dot mobile for only £12.50 a month
StepUp gives you a handset, loads of minutes and texts each month, plus flexibility and control.

  • £12.50 a month for 18 months
  • FREE phone
  • FREE evening and weekend minutes
  • Track and manage your spending
  • Up to 175 mins, 700 texts or a mix of the two

Dot mobile, students only
Nokia N95 8GB from dot mobile

  • 6 months half price line rental
  • Unlimited mobile internet
  • FREEevening and weekend minutes
  • £50 a month / 18 month contract
  • 2100 units – that’s up to 1050 mins or 4200 texts or a mix of the two

Top Student Offer
Sony Ericsson W580i from dot mobile

  • 6 months half price line rental
  • FREE evening and weekend minutes
  • £25 a month – that’s up to 350 mins or 1400 texts or a mix of the two

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Vodafone Introduce Mobile Internet

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Ever tried to surf the internet on your phone? Unless you stick to the portals set by your Mobile Phone provider the chances are you’ll have experienced slow download speeds with page layouts minimised to a stream of text.

Vodafone Mobile Internet is a new mobile data service that will improve the mobile web experience by keeping pages look and feel similar to that which you would experience on a desktop or laptop computer.

The service offers features that you would experience when using your home computer such as the ability to bookmark favourites, check emails and also a google search bar.

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