Email poses 'significant' security risk / Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enterprises have been warned that they could be targeted for attack by internet criminals if they fail to adequately protect their email systems.

A new report from analyst group Aberdeen revealed that the risks surrounding email - a universally used application - are actually growing as a result of advanced criminal techniques.

The threat posed by emails is something that affects all companies, from self-employed businesses with just a handful of PCs to Fortune 100 firms with networked systems around the globe, senior research analyst cautioned Carol Baroudi.

"My concern is that many organisations are unaware that their computers may be part of a botnet - a network of computers that can be remotely controlled to send spam, participate in denial of service attacks and even attack infrastructure," she said.

"Our research indicates that most organisations realise the need to change their email security strategy and are actively trying to gain more control over email."

This week, security training provider ISC2 launched a new certification programme designed to provide software developers with improved security qualifications.

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