UC 'key to increased productivity' / Friday, September 19, 2008

Businesses should consider installing unified communications (UC) if they wish to increase their productivity while driving down costs, it has been claimed.

According to telecoms researcher Analysys Mason, UC - a single infrastructure providing voice, video, data and email in fixed and mobile setting - can create a working environment that brings out the best in employees, particularly younger ones.

George Robertson, senior consultant at the company, explained that Generation Y has a very different working culture compared to Generation Xers.

"They are used to instant information, connectivity, mobility and mult-tasking. They also prefer interdependence over independence. In other words, they often need to collaborate with colleagues instead of working independently - they need one another."

He also pointed to new research which shows that firms are beginning to embrace UC, a technology which is expected to grow massively in the future.

According to one recent survey, over a third of firms now see UC as a priority, with one fifth having already started implementation.

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