Top Up TV

Top Up TV

Top Up TV

Top Up TV is a way of supplementing your Freeview service by offering onDemand entertainment and live sport.

The standalone Freeview+ box allows you to pause, record and rewind live Freeview television and you can also buy an add a CAM (conditional access module) adaptor which allows you to view ESPN sports!

Why Top Up TV?

  • The only way to get additional channels with your current Freeview setup
  • Only an aerial needed to get started
  • No annual contract
  • Record, pause and rewind TV without the need to join Sky or Virgin Media

Why Top Up TV?

Why Top Up TV

  • With Top Up TV their is no annual contract and you don't need to change your broadband provider or take non related TV bolt ons.
  • Choose a Freeview box to suit your needs and budget - once it's purchased there is no ongoing fees for the Freeview channels.
  • No installation fee - simply buy the equipment then plug and play.
  • Record up to 180 hours of TV on your box
  • Options to add great extra programme packages on top of Freeview - choose from ESPN, Picture Box and TV Favourites.

What Does Top Up TV Cost?

What Does Top Up TV Cost?

To get the basics with Top Up TV all you need is a set top box which starts from a one off payment of just £29.99 or £39.99 if you want to record TV as well.

Simply select from the available TV packs.

  • ESPN Sports exclusive sports including Premier league Football from only £9.99 month
  • TV Favourites 700+ on demand shows each month from only £10.99 month including Life on Mars, Lost, Sex and the City plus loads more.
  • Picture Box films Film option showing 28 films per month from only £7 month
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Top Up TV - How it Works
  • Choose your digital box from £29.99
    There is something for all budgets from the basic set top boxes through to Freeview+ boxes which allow you to pause, rewind and record TV as well as store up to store up to 500gb of programmes!

  • Choose any bolt ons from £7 a month
    Want to add to the already excellent range of channels? Add additional Freeview packs to give you access to top TV programmes, sports and movies.

Plug in your new box to your Freeview enabled TV aerial


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