Virgin Media Cable TV

Virgin Media Cable TV

Virgin Media Cable TV

Virgin Media TV like (their broadband) is delivered to your TV via a fibre optic cable, which means no need for a satellite dish on the side of your house, in fact you don't even need your TV aerial!

You can upgrade your package to HD so you can watch your favourite channels in glorious high definition without paying a monthly fee for the HD privilege, and if you want to record live TV you can upgrade further to a V+ HD box.

Why Virgin Media Cable TV?

  • Get all your favourite channels include those found on Sky
  • No monthly HD fee
  • The biggest range of programmes and films onDemand in the UK.
  • Watch BBC iPlayer, 4OD and ITV Player from your TV

Virgin on Demand

Virgin Media TV On Demand

As well as a large number of channels subscribers also have access to Virgin on Demand - which lets you choose programmes to watch when you want to watch it. Costs vary but you get access to a wide range of content that other digital TV providers don't offer.

  • Watch BBC iPlayer, 40D and ITV Player from your TV
  • Films from 99p
  • Music Video's from 20p (FREE with XL)
  • Virgin Central and Catch Up TV for FREE on all packages

V and V+ HD Boxes

V+ HD BoxVHD is the basic box which gives you access to HD TV for no monthly fee. V+ HD is the equivalent to the Sky+ box in that it enables you to pause, rewind and record live TV. You can also record two programmes whilst watching a third which is one more than Sky. The one off installation fee for this service is £49.95 and after that you pay no monthly fee for HD

  • £49.95 Installation
  • No monthly fee for HD with either box
  • £5 per month fee for V+ HD box on M and L packages
Top 5 Reasons to Switch from Sky TV
  1. You can get all your favourite Sky channels including Sky 1 and all the movies and sports channels.
  2. The V+ HD box lets you record two channels and watch a third simultaneously (Sky only lets you have 1 recording and 1 watching at the same time) plus no ongoing HD fee!
  3. A much better range of programmes onDemand plus you can watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player and 4OD through your TV - never miss your favourite programme!
  4. TV delivered by Fibre Optic cable means no interference during poor weather (unlike satellite TV).
  5. FREE servicing and repairs on your TV package for the lifetime of your contract.
Virgin Media TV Reviews

Virgin Media TV User ReviewsWe love it when you leave product reviews as it helps our site users to make informed choices when selecting their TV provider. So if you love the range of TV channels you get, or think customer service could be improved - please leave a TV review and help us to help other users out there make an informed choice. Our team of editors are waiting to hear your thoughts!

"With my Virgin Media Bundle I pay £80 ish a month and get everything. I've had no problems with them so far and would definitely recommend them. Really looking forward to Tivo coming out. TiVo is class and will only get better, currently it only has apps such as youtube, ebay, bbc iplayer and twitter but the scope for growth and more apps appearing is there and ready."
Ian Robson / Manchester

"Have had Virgin TV for about 2 years now. It's good that V+ box let's you record two programs while watching a third."

"I Iove the fact I don't have to pay a monthly for the HD but a bit of a pain that I have to pay £5 a month for the V+HD box but I guess it's still cheaper than Sky and you get a much better range of on demands programmes,"
Salma Habiba / Birmingham

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Virgin Media TV Packages

Virgin Media offer ground breaking TV with packages to suit all budgets. You can tailor your TV package to your needs with over 160 channels available, plus premium channels such as Sky Sports and Movies.

Why Choose Virgin TV Packages?

  • HD for FREE!
    Virgin gives you access to up to 160 digital TV channels including all your favourites from Sky, Freeview and terrestrial channels. On selected packages you will receive crystal clear HD channels like Sky 1 HD, BBC HD and Sky Living HD without paying an additional monthly HD subscription. All you need is the V HD box which has a one off payment of just £49.95. Compare that to Sky and their monthly fees and you'll soon be making some massive savings. You can also upgrade to a V+ HD box which gives you the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV.
  • Industry Leading TV on Demand
    An excellent range of on demand TV including selected shows from the last 7 days for free, BBC iPlayer, 4OD and ITV Player through your TV plus paid for movies and music.
  • Ditch the dish
    As Virgin TV comes through superquick fibre optic cables you don't need a satellite dish (which often perform badly during poor weather conditions) or even a TV aerial.
  • 3D TV
    When Marty McFly visited the future he saw 3D adverts, well 3D TV has now reached your Virgin HD box! To watch in 3D, you’ll need a 3D TV, stereoscopic 3D glasses from your TV’s manufacturer (one for each viewer), a V HD Box (activated for HD) or a V+ HD Box, with an HDMI cable connecting your set top box to your 3D TV. Not all programming is in 3D of course but Virgin have a great range of films available with new channels to be added in the not so distant future.

About Virgin Media TV

Virgin Media formed are second only to Sky in UK digital TV provision. They have been around for years in their previous guises as NTL and Telewest. Virgin Media TV is only available through cable but by getting it installed it also means you can get superfast broadband and also cheap phone calls through the same line.

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  • Virgin Media TV Launch Harry Potter App

    Virgin Media TV are pleased to announce that they will be releasing a special application via their TiVo service to celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter film – The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Due out on Friday 15th July 2011, the latest adventure marks the end of the magical series, in fact, to honour it myself, I may go to the midnight showing (if I can stay awake that late!)

  • Virgin Media Launch Partnership with Spotify

    Virgin Media has launched an exclusive agreement with Spotify which will allow them to be the only UK provider to offer their music platform across multiple services. This is great news for me, as I’m sitting here writing this listening to Spotify whilst using Virgin Media broadband. It’s all about ME folks! But if you, like myselef, enjoy both services, then this partnership will be music to your ears (pardon the pun!)

  • Virgin Media Offering £100 off all Triple Packages – Offer ends 29-06-11

    Great news for those looking for a Virgin Media bundle – you can now receive a whopping £100 off your first bill plus free installation and a free V+ Box. These broadband, TV and phone packages offer high speed broadband and award winning TV at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • Straight from the Horses Mouth – My Virgin TV Experience

    I’ve just recently had Virgin Media TV installed into my new flat, and thought I’d give you a run down of the experience. As a regular blogger, it’s sometimes good to give first hand feedback, and this experience is well worth reporting. I ordered my Virgin Media bundle on the Tuesday, and was quite surprised when I was informed that the whole package would not only cost me just £20 a month, but also that it could be fitted on the Thursday!

  • Virgin Media £50 Off Your First Bill Offer On Solus And Dual Packages

    Virgin Media Broadbandhas a fabulous £50 off your first bill’ discount offer, which it is offering once again due to popular demand. Customers signing up for any stand alone or dual Virgin Media bundles from 12th May 2011 will receive £50 off their first bill. The offer is available on solus and dual packages, so hurry now and make sure you take advantage of this great offer today.