Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media offer great value unlimited cable broadband, HD TV channels and land line phone plans. With all of the Virgin Media bundle deals you not only benefit from fantastic features and customer service but you could also receive a discount by buying online!

If you're after a speedy internet service which has received top marks for customer service, Virgin Media is perfect for you.

Why Virgin Media Cable Broadband?

  • UK's fastest broadband at 100MB
  • Red Hot Sale Now On
  • Save money on bundles when you take a Virgin Media phone line for £15.99 a month

Virgin Media Broadband Guide

Virgin Media offer unlimited cable Broadband, 145+ TV channels and great value phone talk plans with unlimited free weekend calls and free digital TV. Use our simple comparison charts above to find the best package for you. With all of the Virgin Media bundle deals you not only benefit from fantastic features and customer service but you could also receive discounts by buying online!

They are one of the UK's most popular providers of broadband, TV and phone services and are the result of a merger between Telewest & NTL along with their own ADSL service. Virgin Media are in a unique position to offer 'Quad Play' as they are providers of broadband, TV, mobile and telephone and set themselves apart from the confusing marketplace by offering all services with just one payable bill.

Virgin Media Broadband Review

Virgin Media BroadbandVirgin Media Broadband offer super fast broadband with speeds of up to 100Meg. Not only that but they consistently top the polls as providing speeds closest to those advertised.

Virgin Media offer unlimited downloads on all their packages which means you can play games online and download music and movies till your heart is content. As already noted you get closer to the advertised speeds due to the use of cable technology. In fact Virgin Media are so proud of this they show you the average speed achieved by their users on their site.

Their range of deals really make them stand out from the crowd. They offer standalone broadband but you really start making savings when you bundle together with a phone line (currently £15.99) and you can then add TV and / or phone calls as well to make your complete home entrainment package.

Virgin Media Broadband News & Offers

Check out the latest news and offers from our broadband blog.

  • 6 Months Free Spotify Premium with Virgin Media – offer ends 31-03-12

    Awesome news coming through, as you can now receive 6 months free Spotify premium when you order a Virgin Media bundle for a limited time. Simply order an XL or XXL bundle pack before the end of Saturday 31st March 2012, to enjoy this amazing online offer. Spotify Premium really is the bee’s knees when it comes to listening to music, I personally could’t live without it, and is worth £9.99 a month, so that’s a saving of nearly £60!

  • Virgin Media 100Mb Broadband to Over Four Million UK Homes

    100Mb Virgin Media broadband is now available to some four million homes in the UK, offering people up and down the country the ability to enjoy sixteen times the average national broadband speed! Using the Virgin Media fibre optic cable network, over 100 towns across the UK are now utilising this service, with plans to reach 13 million homes by the middle of next year.

  • Virgin Media Offering £100 off all Triple Packages – Offer ends 29-06-11

    Great news for those looking for a Virgin Media bundle – you can now receive a whopping £100 off your first bill plus free installation and a free V+ Box. These broadband, TV and phone packages offer high speed broadband and award winning TV at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • Straight from the Horses Mouth – My Virgin TV Experience

    I’ve just recently had Virgin Media TV installed into my new flat, and thought I’d give you a run down of the experience. As a regular blogger, it’s sometimes good to give first hand feedback, and this experience is well worth reporting. I ordered my Virgin Media bundle on the Tuesday, and was quite surprised when I was informed that the whole package would not only cost me just £20 a month, but also that it could be fitted on the Thursday!

  • Virgin Media £50 Off Your First Bill Offer On Solus And Dual Packages

    Virgin Media Broadbandhas a fabulous £50 off your first bill’ discount offer, which it is offering once again due to popular demand. Customers signing up for any stand alone or dual Virgin Media bundles from 12th May 2011 will receive £50 off their first bill. The offer is available on solus and dual packages, so hurry now and make sure you take advantage of this great offer today.

Virgin Media Broadband User Reviews

Virgin Media Broadband User ReviewsWe love it when you leave product reviews as it helps our site users to make informed choices when selecting their broadband provider. So if you love the fast speeds you get from your broadband, or think customer service could be improved - please leave a broadband review and help us to help other users out there make an informed choice. Our team of editors are waiting to hear your thoughts!

"I've recently swapped flats and brought my Virgin Media connection with me. I do a lot with music so need to be able to download tracks and also like the odd bit of online gaming, so the the unlimited downloads is perfect for me. I also work from home so I obviously get my moneys worth and don't mind paying a little bit more as the speeds are a lot faster than the o2 line my brother has. Would definitely recommend."
Peter Russo / Northampton

"The broadband service is excellent (unless you have to call customer service which is rare) and the download speeds and latency are as good as it gets."
Harry Stone

"I switched from my old ADSL provider as I was now in a fully cabled area, and after initial issues with installation schedules which were a bit of a pain, we got a bundle deals installed and it's been pretty smooth sailing(ish) ever since. It's a bit disconcerting for a non-techy as once they have connected your house to the cable network they don't actually set up your computer to connect to the broadband. After a quick panic I worked my way through the info provided and it was reasonably straight forward (I only had to call my son once for help). We've had it for just over a year now and the broadband is great for my needs."
Fatima Osmani / Leicester

"It's good for playing the Xbox online and downloading movies and stuff."
Paul Houghton / The Wirral

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Virgin Media FREE V Stuff

All Virgin Media broadband packages come with a raft of FREE stuff that makes your broadband package even better value for money.

  • UK based support
  • FREE internet security
  • FREE wireless router

Switching to Virgin Media Broadband

Switching to cable broadband is a lot easier than you may think and you can even keep your BT phone number plus you don't need a MAC code. What's one of them I hear you say? Well it's a Migration Authorisation Code but that's not important right now (you can read more about MAC codes in our broadband switch guide).

Simply select your Virgin Media services and then select an installation date and time (see below). Once your connection have been installed you can then cancel your old services and Virgin Media have even provided an easy print out letter that you can send to your current broadband provider e.g. BT, o2 or AOL.

Getting Virgin Media Broadband

  • Choose your package from our comparison table above by clicking view deal. We'll then take you to (not which is Virgin Media's website where you need to enter the post code for the house you would like to order for.
  • Confirm your product selection and enter your details. You will then be asked to choose an installation date since their engineers to visit and set you up
  • At the date and time you selected an engineer will they'll run a pencil-thin cable into your house and will then show you how everything works. You're ready to receive the super fast broadband plus TV and phone if you choose to bundle them in.
Broadband Guides
  • Unlimited Fast Broadband

    You will have no doubt seen broadband providers advertising all manner of different broadband packages with unlimited downloads being used as one of their main selling points. Download music, movies and large photos ’til your heart’s content the advertisements say – but what’s that in small print at the bottom of the ad?

  • Broadband Switching Guide

    Since regulations were passed allowing broadband providers to install their own equipment in BT exchanges the broadband market is becoming increasingly competitive – and possibly more confusing. It can be difficult to know which is the best broadband deal for you, but with companies offering unlimited downloads, FREE modems and fast speeds for less than a tenner’ there has never been a better time to switch your broadband provider.

  • Choosing a Business Broadband Package

    Choices for business broadband packages seem endless. Almost all internet service providers offer business broadband deals, and often it can be very difficult to choose between them, and determine which package is best.

  • Choosing a Mobile Broadband Package

    Choosing a mobile broadband package will largely depend on how often you use the internet and what you plan to use it for. Mobile broadband is generally not the right option for those who heavily use the internet and download of a lot of files.

  • What is Mobile Broadband?

    Mobile internet access is the latest development in broadband, and obviously because of the sheer convenience of being connected wherever you may be, is an increasingly popular option.

    Mobile broadband allows users to access the internet using mobile phone networks using 3G technology and the latest development 4G also known as Wi-Max, which is wireless internet service provision.