Choosing a Mobile Broadband Package

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Choosing a mobile broadband package will largely depend on how often you use the internet and what you plan to use it for. Mobile broadband is generally not the right option for those who heavily use the internet and download of a lot of files.  It does however make a lot of sense for people who are on the go. Before choosing a provider you should also take the time to check out how good the reception in your area.

Contract Mobile Broadband

Just like with your mobile phone, mobile broadband packages are available on contract. Contracts can range between 12 to 24 months. Each contract has a different data transfer limit, some offer different connection speeds, and there are differences in prices. Most however come bundled with a free wireless dongle.

Like with most things, it is best to shop around a look for the best deal on offer, especially since it is a rapidly growing market, competition is intensifying and there is an opportunity to pick up great bargains.

You may find however, that it is better to pay a little more, or commit to a longer contract so that you get faster speeds and bigger data transfer limits.

Many contracts come with free laptops or netbooks included.

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

PAYG mobile broadband is exactly the same as PAYG mobile phones. The major advantage with PAYG is that it does not tie you into a contract, instead all you need to do is top up your data transfer limit as and when you need too.

You will however need to by your own dongle, but that is balanced by the fact that you do not run the risk of exceeding your limit and paying additional charges.

Some providers offer starter kits, which are very similar to PAYG, but comes with a pre-loaded data allowance, designed to give customers the ability to try out mobile broadband for the first time.

Starter kits are also available. These are similar to PAYG packages, but they come pre-loaded with a data allowance. They are for people who want to try out mobile broadband for the first time.

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