The upturn in sales of mobile broadband is set to make Wi Fi areas redundant, according to sources at Ericsson. In Sweden already the most popular phone is the USB Modem, whilst this year in Austria sales of mobile broadband are set to overtake the fixed broadband market. In the UK fixed broadband figures are still strong, but with prices dropping and people on the move more often, the swing in the market seems inevitable. T Mobile currently offer unlimited mobile broadband from as little as £15 a month, with a top speed of up to 1.8mps.
With big name providers such as Vodafone offering up to 7.2Meg in speed and T-Mobile offering unlimited mobile broadband, whilst both cutting their prices in half to start from just £15.00 – the UK certainly seems to be monitoring the trend in other countries by making USB broadband more affordable for the roaming user.

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